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“Thanks for the job well done.  You’ve help make our re-modeling go as smoothly as possible.  Enjoy a great meal with the gift certificate.”


Michael and Rosie G.




Dear Richard and Skip

“The word ecstatic doesn’t come close to describing our feelings about our new house!  It’s perfect…And working with you all has been a pleasure in every way.  Thanks for taking such good care of us along the way.  I will miss our daily visits; please call and come by as often as you can.”


Many thanks for everything,
Lauren, Betsy and Steve




To Whom it May Concern:

“So often our attention and efforts are devoted to collecting past due accounts that we unfortunately overlook the thoughtfulness and efficiency of those customers who continually pay promptly. I have noticed that this promptness of payment is your customary procedure and I wanted to sent this note of thanks, not only for your prompt payment practices, but for your continued patronage of Dulux Paints.”


Michael C.

National Credit Manager, ICI Paint Stores




Dear Richard,

“Enclosed is my last payment.  I’ll let you know about the fence soon. Very Good Job!”

 Judge Andy





Dear Richard, Alan, and Margaret,

“There is a saying (author unknown) that says, ‘It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.’  We don’t agree.  Our house has been built with true affection and caring.  Our house has been made with sweat, grit, and constant monitoring. As soon as you walk up to our front door, you can tell that this house has been built with great attention to detail. Craftsmanship and pride in workmanship can be seen throughout our house. In addition, all three of you have been very patient and understanding as we have gone through all these months together.


We are so proud of the house you have built for us. But we truly feel that you have put your heart and soul into building this house that we affectionately call “Our Little Texas Ranch House”.  Our house has become our HOME thanks to you.  You are a special team.

Thank you so much,”


Johnny W. and Arlene J.
(a new cowboy and cowgirl in Bandera)





Dear Richard,

“Greetings from an old customer!  Yesterday was a bit of a sad day as Mary and I, and our two boys moved out of the wonderful house you built for us on Robinwood Lane. We leave behind many years of fond memories in that place.  The good news is that it will be occupied by a young family moving here from Austin and they have two boys as well. We are looking to end up in Oakwell Farms and have just begun the search process.  We happened to notice a house you are building on Nacogdoches between New Braunfels and Broadway. Looks like all is well for you in the building business!”


Best Regards,
 Jim and Mary P.





Dear Richard , Paul, and Crew.

“ Just a note to let you know we are very pleased with our new Kitchen, Desk, Shelves, etc. and to thank you for taking your time and resources to make us completely satisfied with the finished job. It was a pleasure to work with your company and you will be at the top of our recommendation list to family and friends. Anytime you are in area please stop by to see finished work.”


Thanks Again and Best Regards,
Mark and Tracy L.





Dear Richard,

“We employed Specia Builders to enclose our car port, making it into a garage, closet, and laundry room.  Now that the work has been completed for a few months, we have been “living in” the results and contemplating the overall experience of having an addition put on the house.

We are firmly convinced that we could not have found a better construction company to do  this work than Specia Builders.

When we first spoke to Paul in late July, we had already talked to others about the addition. But they either had not understood the structural problems involved with the existing concrete slab, or they just did not “see” the overall picture of what we wanted. Paul immediately grasped the entire situation: all the problems (which he solved) and all our expectations.

Furthermore, once construction began, we never had to “watch” the workers or worry about their presence on our property. Paul was there to oversee their activities. Properly supervised workers generally do a better job and stay “on task.” We knew ours was certainly not Specia’s only project and was a “small “ job, relatively speaking, but Paul’s constant attention to detail throughout and frequent presence on the building site made us feel that the addition was as important to Specia as it was to us.  That was a good feeling.

Now that the addition is complete, something even nicer has happened. We have discovered that when some small problem arises pertaining to the new addition, Paul is only a phone call away.  He is always easy to reach and very cheerful and prompt about “fixing” the situation.

What more could we ask?  In all our dealings with Paul during construction, he always exuded a positive attitude about company efficiency, company policy, and especially company integrity. We believe it. We have experienced it. You may be assured any future construction we need will be done by Specia Builders, Inc.  We have certainly mentioned Specia to our friends.”


William and Carol Ann R.




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